Leather laptop bag 1-compartment

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  • ✔ Premium leather
  • ✔ Authentic Italian design
  • ✔ 2 Year warranty
Laptop bag 1 compartment Description..

Timeless compact laptop bag for everyday use. In the spacious main compartment there is a double neoprene compartment for a 15 inch laptop and tablet. At the front there is a lockable zip pocket for storing mobile, cables, pens, keys, glasses, wallet and all other daily necessities. The bag is portable in the hand but also comfortable with the adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The bag has a provision for easy carrying on the pull rod of a trolley. The stylish and authentic Italian leather is the hallmark of Tony Perotti and is produced in an environmentally friendly process.


Product Features


•Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 5 cm

• 2 compartments

• Space for 4 (credit)cards

• 2 compartments for pens

•Cell phone compartment

•With shoulder belt

All Tony Perotti Italy products are hand tanned using natural vegetable tanning dies, making it very easy to care for the leather. By simply rubbing the small scuffs with your finger they can be remedied. A light, even coating of a leather lotion can be applied. The application of any cream or oil will darken the color of the leather. Never use gooey oil. Do not apply the cream directly on the case it should be applied to a cloth and in a secular motion onto the product.

Our fabrics can be cleaned by using a mild, neutral detergent and warm water solution mixing approximately one teaspoon of detergent in one pint of water. A clean, white cloth dampened with this solution should be used to lift out the stain by blotting the complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance.

How to Apply the Lotion:

To apply the lotion you would first need a soft cloth. Apply the lotion to the cloth evenly, and make sure to not soak the cloth as too much is not needed and wasteful.

  • In a circular motion, rub the cloth on the wallet inside and out. Make sure to avoid the lining of the wallet as the lotion may stain it.
  • Once you apply the lotion with a dry side of the cloth rub the wallet to dry it off and to remove any access lotion.
  • You should start by applying a small amount of lotion and add more if you feel that it is needed.