A wallet is an important fashion accessory that you use almost daily. The wallets of Tony Perotti are made of natural tanned Italian cow leather. Our leather needs little maintenance which only gets more beautiful with the passing of the years. Despite all this time in the industry, Tony Perotti never stops listening to its customers. This year again Tony Perotti has added new high quality leather wallets to its extensive range.


Leather Wallets

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Leather wallets

The wallet, everyone has one! Besides being very handy to store important cards, ID cards and cash, it has also become an important clothing accessory. Due to new technology, more and more possibilities for our wallets, like RFID protection in card holders, are becoming available.

Leather wallet for men

The wallets for men consist of wallets and billfolds in various designs and timeless. All leather wallets provide good protection for your cards, moreover, the look of the leather becomes more beautiful with time. These leather wallets are also available in smaller elegant sizes for the enthusiast.

Tony Perotti wallets for women

Tony Perotti also has a range for women. For ladies a wallet is often seen as a true fashion accessory and serves for much more than just money. Besides the numerous card holders for ladies, Tony Perotti also has several classic models of wallets in different colors.

The origins of Tony Perotti wallets

The use of leather and animal skins has been around for thousands of years, it is as old as mankind and was used for a long time for clothing, water bags and much more. Before the Middle Ages, leather was dried at the campfire and then greased as well, this was against the deterioration of the leather. But from the Middle Ages, tanning was mainly done with fat, alum and sometimes with vegetable materials. During the industrial revolution, machines took over and accelerated the tanning process of leather.

This industrial revolution caused a lot of problems for the environment. The tanners who produce the leather for Tony Perotti only work with vegetable materials. The vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition handed down from father to son in the Tuscan tanneries for centuries, combining old recipes and ultra-modern technologies.

When Tony Perotti founded the family business 50 years ago, his aim was to share his experiences as a craftsman and luxury traveler with his customers. From the very first day, Tony Perotti has produced superior quality by creating handmade classic leather creations that combine both fashion and modern function. Tony Perotti is an Italian designer who is committed to bringing exceptional character and functionality to every product. He personally examines each item for the highest standard of craftsmanship and superiority before it leaves his factory.

Even though the leather purses were not Tony Perotti's first products, it has become one of its best-selling products. The quality of the leather wallets for men is therefore outstanding, if you treat the wallet with care, you can enjoy it for many years. If you would like more protection for your cards, Tony Perotti nowadays also has extendable card holders with a leather exterior.

Sustainable wallets

By the way, no animal is killed for its skin. On the contrary, the raw hides used by our tanners are a by-product of the food industry that produces meat for human consumption. The Vera Pella tanneries have also made major investments in waste systems and recycling, making them even more environmentally focused.

Carbon with leather

Carbon fiber is a revolutionary modern material with incredible properties used in aerospace, automobiles, home furnishings and now leather goods. Carbon is a carbon fiber that is made of extremely thin fiber. The fibers have a maximum thickness of 5 to 10 micrometers. This makes carbon an excellent material for purses, especially in combination with leather. The combination with leather and carbon gives this versatile wallet a sporty look. These wallets and card holders also have RFID protection.

Quality first

Tony Perotti stands for quality. Quality means much more than just a good product like our leather wallets. A lot of love is put into all Tony Perotti wallets to provide people with more than just a functional product. Tony Perotti products are made for ease of use.

Ease of use is a top priority at Tony Perotti. With all our purses, whether they are classical, modern or sturdy, we have paid attention to the luxurious look. Our high-quality leather purses are practical to use and characterized by high quality.

Tony Perotti purses are a timeless product. If you are looking for a new wallet, please look at our website. We offer much more than just a small wallet, such as shoulder bags, leather bags, key holders and much more.