Card Holders

Tony Perotti's leather card holders are made of vegetable tanned Italian cow leather. The aluminum card holder has an RFID protection and is available in different models and colors. Very handy for important cards, ID-cards and cash. Discover the extensive Tony Perotti card holder collection below for both men and women.

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Furbo card holders

Our Furbo card holders are developed with the environment and people in mind. In Tuscany the leather is tanned in an ecological and environmental friendly way, according to traditional methods. Tony Perotti finds this very important to support the local communities in Tuscany, moreover they have the real Italian, vegetable tanning methods.

The beautiful quality leather of Tony Perotti

All Tony Perotti aluminum card holders are made of beautiful quality leather, leather is a natural and strong material that gets more beautiful the older it gets. Our leather needs little maintenance. The leather is obtained from cattle hides of West-European origin. In order to obtain quality leather, the hides are processed in various stages in wooden barrels with the addition of plant extracts that are not harmful to the environment.

After obtaining vegetable tanned leather hides, there are also possibilities of industrial processing of the surface structure, such as Croco, Lizard or other designs.

Why card holders?

Everything is getting smaller and more compact, so is the traditional wallet, which we have processed into a contemporary design. Our card holder collection consists of several minimalistic models.

We think that the card holders with RFID security are a safe alternative for the old-fashioned wallets, especially with the emerging technologies, your data is protected against unwanted skimming.

We therefore believe that the card holders with RFID protection are a very good way to combat these kinds of problems. This eco-friendly product is available in several standard and fashionable colours.

Different card holders

The card holders are available in different types and sizes. Our card wallet with pop-up system is available in five different models. How many cards you can store depends on the model you have chosen. Our double card holder allows you to carry at least 13 cards. Our best selling model also has room for paper money and small change.

The Anti-skim RFID card holders are also available for men and women. The ladies card holders are available in many different colours and prints, while the men's card holders are more sporty. Tony Perotti also has non-retractable card wallets, which are very convenient to store and fit in any pocket.

Alternative for the card holders

If you are not yet convinced by our Italian leather card wallets, Tony Perotti has several other wallets and creditcard holders in different designs and sizes. These wallets and credit card holders are equipped with RFID security. These traditional leather wallets and credit card wallets have a classic look, suitable for men and women.

The timeless products of Tony Perotti

The high quality leather products of Tony Perotti will never go out of fashion, the leather of Tony Perotti ensures a timeless product. Leather gets its own character over time. The colour may change slightly and that is what makes leather products so unique. This is not only true for the leather card wallets but also for all other Tony Perotti products like the leather bags, leather wallets, etc.

Most Tony Perotti models come with a Vera Pelle guarantee certificate of authenticity. This way you know for sure you have a product of authentic Tuscan leather. Real high grain leather is always unique, just like a fingerprint each piece of leather is different from each other. You can always find a few dents and cracks in real leather.