Leather Care

Tips for long life:

Leather is a material that adapts to the user and becomes more beautiful as it ages. With a little maintenance, your leather goods stay beautiful and last longer.

- Grease the leather regularly

Use transparent leather cream based on beeswax. The advantages of the cream are that the leather is cleaned and also fed.

Apply a thin layer of cream on a cloth and rub the cream evenly. A thick layer of cream is not desirable; it remains sticky and will eventually cause problems.

Note: if you apply the cream on the leather, it will darken the leather. Therefore it is wise to first do a test in a place where this is not noticeable. Only then treat the entire surface.

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- Colored leather can stain clothing when it gets wet ……

- Be careful with metal parts and other hard parts; these can scratch the exterior which is difficult to remove. Be careful with this!

A tip for minor light scratches ; They can be remedied by simply rubbing the small areas of wear with your finger

leather care